About Us

I became a retail nursery officially in September 2002.  Since the mid 1980’s I have been a grower of Bonsai stock trees.

At that time I had about 60 Bonsai trees of my own and realised that in my lifetime, they would never achieve the aged status I was seeking.  The trees that appealed to me the most in the books I read were the trees that had been collected from the mountains (Yamadori).  Since the mountains west of Brisbane  (the Great Dividing Range) didn’t yield the much sought after Pines or Junipers I was craving, I decided I would have to grow my own wild trees that I could then work on after they had achieved some age and potential.

In Japan and China, they have fields of trees that are especially developed for the use in the art of Bonsai.  This is what encouraged me to become a grower of Bonsai stock trees.  I have been lucky enough to see some of these fields in Japan in 1993 and again on a recent trip to China.

The nursery  has grown out of this passion, friends gather here to share my love of Bonsai and we all learn from each other.  My philosophy is that ‘you are here for a good time, not a long time’ and doing the art of Bonsai takes me a good place inside myself.

One of my husband’s hobbies is Suiseki which is an art on its own but often features with Bonsai.  Selby is also the designer of the gardens on the property and has incorporated my love of Bonsai and some features of the Asian style garden into our Aussie garden.

Through my nursery at the beginner courses and the monthly workshops, comes my opportunity to be able to share this information and passion with you.  This is the ‘show me – tell me’ part of learning.

I have found that Bonsai knowledge seems to come to you in small bits, like a grain of sand at a time but before you know it, you have a sandpit.  Tess Simpson.